Eastman Nature Center

We have been studying living and non-living things. Brandon, a naturalist with Eastman Nature Center, brought some living creatures to show us. We learned interesting facts about frogs, turtles, and snakes. We got to touch the animals if we wanted to touch them. A big thank you to the Rice Lake PTO for proving funds to make this happen.



Fifth Grade Buddies

We made an art project with our buddies for the book fair. The book fair theme is The Wild West. We made a cactus at sunset. They will be displayed in the media center during the book fair on Friday, November 17.


Friendship Festival

This morning we took an all school photo spelling out RLR. Many people were wearing Rice Lake blue. This afternoon we celebrated friendship with a party.


Reading small group activities

We are putting 4 of the 5 small group activities all together. The children are able to do Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading and Word Work for 15 minutes independently. The last piece is Work with the Teacher. A small group meets with the teacher to work on reading skills at their level. We will begin that after MEA break.


Math Workplace Activities

After our whole group math lesson, the children choose a workplace activity. The activities are introduced in the whole group so that the children can do the activities independently and I can monitor and assess their math skills.


Reading Small Groups

Putting 3 of the 5 pieces together for reading small group activities. Next week we learn about Word Work. Then the last piece is Work with the Teacher. We will be ready to do all 5 activities right after the MEA break.